Hand made and traditionally blessed by Rev Adam Stoudt. This all white Dreamcatcher comes with real amethyst crystal beads woven into the wed. Made with love this Dreamcatcher would be a great addition to any home or a great gift for any one.

Diamitar = 3 1/2"
Total langth = 10" + langth of hanging cord

Amethyst crystal properties 

Crystal system = Trigonal 
Source = USA 
Chakra = Third eye, Soma, Crown, Higher Crown 
Number = 3
Zodiac sign = Aquarius, Pisces
Planet = Jupiter, Neptune
Beneficial for =  Physical, emotional and psychological pain. Decision making, recurrent nightmares, Geo pathick stress, protection against thieves, anger, rage, fear, anxiety, grief, neuro transmission, alcoholism, cleansing, 

Small All White Dreamcatcher with Amethyst crystal beads


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