Unconditional Love

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Finding the truth and light. Are you looking for the truth no one seems to really share with you? Well, here I share the truth with you. Love can be easy or hard to find. So many of us are looking for love and so many are in love. But love has been generally seen as external and something to be found from others around us. But while this has some barring yes. It is not the full truth only a partial truth. You see god lives within everyone as we all are connected to the source of creation in our own individual way. God is unconditional love and there it is he/she is only love unconditionally. That is the real truth. True love starts from within. If you do not love yourself first you will not be capable of receiving love win provided by outside connections. We all have unique qualities, skills, and beauty. The way you do something will always differ in some way from the way someone else does it. This is what makes us unique and special in our own worlds as individuals. Just take as much or as little time as it tacks you to think of your special qualities. What do you bring to the table and do you feel you are valuable. If you have no problem seeing yourself as valuable thin you are well on your way to emotional success. If you are struggling to see yourself as valuable thin tack more time thinking about it we all have good qualities and a value whether we see it or not. You have a light living in you and it is called you're sole and it is crying out for love and embrace by you and others. It is our driving force. The sole is like a sea of emotion and it can be deep, calm, cold, hot, raped, slow, shallow and many other things. This is the part of you connected to the source of all creation. Remember our thoughts and emotions shape our lives and vibrate attracting manifestations into our lives. So give your self love this Valentine's day and all days and nights as you deserve it. Also, be easy on yourselves as love is everywhere and only needs to be embraced starting from within. We can choose to be happy or we can choose to be miserable.

Love, Light and many blessings to you.


REV. Adam

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