Magical Herb Of The Day / Cloves

Cloves have various uses in magical practices and aromatherapy. In magical practice, cloves are used to help promote prosperity, friendships, and love. Used in cooking thy may add a bit of spice to sweet treats like pumpkin pie. One of our most iconic sessional American deserts. It worms us in the fall and is sweet. In holistic healing clove oil is used to help with tooth aching. Also used as a digestive and relieves cramps and spasms. In aromatherapy it can help to relieve asthma and bronchitis as a diluted chest massage along with other essential oils. Please always do your own research and consult a doctor or medical professional before using any essential oils or herbs. Also please note that some oils like clove oils are not skin safe or safe for internal use without dilution. This post is for informational purposes only thank you.

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