Basic protection Charm Spell

Items Needed:

Blessed Salt 1/2Lb

One Photo

One Large White Plate

Box of 72 Small White or blue Candles

1oz Of Olive Oil And 3 drops Rosemary Essential Oil

One Silver Candle Holder


In this day and night my charm I light

By earth, air, fire and water I cast

Protection within my grasp

Mother Goddess and Father god

To you, I pray. Please grant me

this protection every day.

With love and light set all wrong to right

In ye harm non as my work is dun

So mote it be and blessed be.

Place a photo of yourself or the person you are trying to protect face side up onto the white plate. Place the Blessed salt on top of the photo to cover it completely. Place the candleholder on top of the salt in the center. Then insert one white candle into the holder. Anoint the candle with the olive oil / Rosemary essential oil and light it. Now recite the chant to mother Goddess and fother God for protection. Let the candle burn completely out. Now the spell is cast. This spell gets Stronger with each use of the candle. You will only and should only ever replace the candle leaving the plate, photo, and salt permanently set up. Lighting a new candle once a week or as needed. This spell is able to be used for basic and more advanced magic needs. The salt is protective and purifying and the silver candle holder reflects negative energy as well as the candle and its light. The photo represents you and your intentions. Remember you can make any spell your own and use what you are called to do. Adding a bit of dried rosemary and or cinnamon can also boost the protective magick!

This one is dun without the silver candle holder.

This one is made using a Vase.

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