(7) The Crown Chakra

Location: Top Of Hed

Color: Violet

Element: Thought / will

Functions: Vitalizes The Upper Brain (Cerebrum)

Glands / Organs: Pineal Gland, Cerebral Cortex, Central Nervous System, Right Eye.

Crystals / Gems: Amethyst, Alexandrite, Diamond, Sugilite, Quartz, Selenite.

Foods: Fasting, Violet (purple) Fruits, And Vegetables.

Qualities / Lessons: Unification Of Higher Self With Human Personality, Oneness With The Infinite, Spiritual Will, Inspiration, Unity, Divine Wisdom, And Understanding, Idealism, Selfless Service, Perception Beyond Space And Time, Continuity Of Consciousness.

Negative Qualities: Lack Of Inspiration, Confusion, Depression, Alienation, Hesitation To Serve, Senility.

The crown chakra connects us with universal consciousness as well as the spirit world. This is the one that is most connected to the divine source. The third eye helps us perceive in the physical plane what we receive from the universe. Often the crown like the third eye can be blocked by traumatic experiences. The more the mind is cluttered the more it is blocking this chakra. Working with the crown is an amazing adventure. Trusting in what you receive and knowing that it is not just a construct of your mind's eye is part of opening up your crown and receiving spiritual messages. Oftentimes we may pick up on signs and symbols or even random thought within our head for no logical reason. Sometimes we can pick up on emotional feelings and energy that may or may not belong to us. This Is our crown chakra and the third eye working together to channel spiritual messages that we receive. At first it may not make any sense. Overtime if we are observant. The truth about these messages and what they are related to or who will reveal itself. Working on the crown in order to unblock it and balance it may be very simple but can seem complex. Once the crown is open it is a amazing what you can do. You will notice that you are handling messages that help people reach their goals and understanding of their path ahead. You will feel very connected in a positive way to divine source energy. I have many friends who have been able to unlock the power of their connection through the crown and find the light within themselves and others. Understanding how to work with your crown is one of the biggest steps to developing your own spiritual gifts and psychic intuition. The 7 chakras are a wonderful gift provided to us by divine creation and source.

With love Healing And Blessing Blessed Be

Rev Adam Lee Stoudt

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