(6) The Third Eye Chakra (Brow Chakra)

Location: Center Of The Forehead, Between The Eyebrows.

Color: Indigo (Dark Blue)

Element: Light

Functions: Vitalizes The Lower Brain (Cerebellum) And Central Nervous System, Vision.

Glands / Organs: Pituitary Gland (Some Sources Say Pineal Gland), Left Eye, Nose, Ears.

Crystals / Gems: Lapis Lazuli, Azurite, Sodalite, Quartz Crysta, Sapphire, Indicolite Tourmaline.

Foods: Blue / Purple Fruits And Vegetables.

Qualities / Lessons: Soul Realization, Intuition, Insight, Imagination, Clairvoyance, Concentration, Peace Of Mind, Wisdom, Devotion, Perception Beyond Duality.

Negative Qualities: Lack Of Concentration, Fear, Cynicism, Tension, Headaches, Eye Problems, Bad Dreams, Overly Detached From The World.

The third eye is the place where we are able to see the physical and nonphysical worlds with spiritual perception. The third eye connects our spiritual body to our mind. This chakra easily becomes blocked by the overlaid programming we receive from early on when we are first born and raised in childhood. It is steeped in mystery and even symbols throughout antiquity have represented the third eye in order for spiritual protection. Some examples of the sacred symbols are the hand with the eye in the center or the pyramid with the eye in the center of it. These symbols are used to protect against what is known as the evil eye. The belief that you can become cursed simply by a person having ill wishes upon you and looking at you. The best way to unblock the third eye is with intensive meditation and trusting in your own intuition. This chakra is also blocked when the throat chakra is out of balance. A good practice to keep this chakra balanced is by living in the moment. This means to focus on whatever task you are trying to complete within the given moment and to train your mind not to wonder or think about other things at that time.

For beginners, I suggest only choosing one task per day that you do this practice with. Often times in life we are told to focus but never truly shown how to. With this practice, it will help to teach you that focus. Another benefit of this practice helps to teach self-discipline. Another good note is to avoid fluoride as this blocks the third eye. Fluoride is found in a lot of different household products. One example would be toothpaste.

With Love, Healing Energy And Blessings Blessed Be

Rev Adam Lee Stoudt

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