(4) Heart Chakra

Location: Center Of Chest

Color: Green (secondary Color Is Pink)

Element: Air

Functions: Anchors The Life-force From The Higher Self. Energizes The Blood, And Physical Body With The Life-force, Blood Circulation.

Glands/Organs: Heart, Thymus Gland, Circulatory System, Arms, Hands, Lungs.

Crystals / Gems: Emerald, Green And Pink Tourmaline, Malachite, Green Jade, Green Aventurine, Chrysoprase, Kunzite, Rose Quartz, Ruby.

Foods: Green Fruits And Vegetables.

Qualities / Lessons: Divine / Unconditional Love, Forgiveness, Compassion, Understanding,

Balance, Group Consciousness, Oneness With Life. Acceptance, Peace, Openness, Harmony, Contentment.

Negative Qualities: Repression Of Love, Emotional Instability, Out Of Balance, Heart Problems, Circulation Problems.

The heart chakra is one of the most sensitive and easily blocked or misaligned of the 7 chakras. It is easily affected by traumatic or emotional turmoil. Often in life we are molded by our experiences and the opinions of others. It is from the very start of life we are told and showed that other's views of us determines our self-worth. This is not the actual truth however we are only shaped by our views of ourselves and not by the views of others. The illusion that it is shaped by the views of others came from a need of being socially acceptable. It was perceived that if you were not sociably acceptable you would not be able to survive within adult life. This is one of the very first impressions that is made upon the heart chakra and while maybe detrimental for some may not have the same effect or blockage for others. Each individual is impacted differently by this or other experiences as we are all unique and our views are all unique just the same. There may be commonalities between how certain groups of people view things but those similarities still even have their differences.

The heart can be a beautiful place and this place is the place that all unconditional love joy happiness and emotional balance can begin. To work on the heart chakra you must begin to focus on feeling the deeper emotions that we usually hide from ourselves or others we must bring them out through the moment when we feel triggered by certain experiences, behaviors, places, people, or other triggers. One way of healing the heart chakra is bye intensive meditation. There are other forms of healing the chakras like epigenetic healing. This is a form of energy healing work that is performed by a professional spiritual healer. Reiki healing is also a very beautiful form of energy healing provided by professional spiritual practitioners. Sometimes modern counseling from a psychologist can be very helpful towards the emotional healing process but not every time. Each person responds differently to psychology while it may help some it may not help others. You can look up individual videos for healing the heart chakra through sound therapy or guided meditation on YouTube or Google. Thank you for reading all the way through today's blog and learning more about the different chakras.

Love, Healing, Light, And blessings Blessed Be Rev. Adam Lee Stoudt.

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